BitTorrent MP3

BitTorrent MP3

Search and download torrent files, and listen to online radio
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BitTorrent MP3 is a file-sharing application that supports BitTorrent, a peer-to-peer protocol used to share large amounts of data over the Internet.
This program’s interface shows a navigation pane that allows you to move directly to the desired function. This way you can open the Library, where you can view your current downloads as well as the download history. This allows you to view information on all your download tasks, including name, size, progress and the number of connected seeds. There is also an MP3 radio guide where you can find and listen to online radio stations based on their genres and geographical location. The subscription section allows you to subscribe to receive notifications when new content is available. You can also initiate an Internet search and use the program as a web browser to navigate to the desired contents.
Although using this program’s basic functions is easy, setting the options belongs to another level of difficulty. This action will surely need certain expertise from you as it requires managing a large amount of concepts beginners may not be acquainted with. The options let you set speed limits and the number of downloads and uploads as well as customize the interface.
When tested, BitTorrent MP3 was able to manage a great number of simultaneous downloads. It remained stable while running from the System Tray. However, it does not have enough features to make a substitute for my old uTorrent client.

Pedro Castro
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  • The basic functions are easy to use
  • It is free
  • It allows to search the Internet
  • It is stable


  • Setting the options requires special knowledge
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